Saturday, October 9, 2010

The wonderful world of afternoon tea

It all started in May of this year, with me heading off to London to see my gorgeous friend Steph. She had booked us and Becca a table at Grosvenor House. A luxurious hotel just off Oxford st. What an amazing experience it was, we sat there for hours sipping tea and enjoying all kinds of wonderful treats. Finger sandwiches filled with (I hope my memory serves me right) cucumber and mint, tomato, egg and butter, ham and mustard, chicken, shrimp and a lovely lovely salmon.... ooops, one eludes me, there were eight kinds. There were two kind of warm scones served with jam, honey and clotted cream. And to top it off there was a huge selection of sweet sweet pastries, Victoria sponge, mini eclairs, fruit tarts, chocholate cake... It was all to die for, and best of all.... Free refill!!!
Needless to say this event started what might very well be a lifelong love affair between me and british tea salon cuisine.

Getting back home to Sweden I figured I had to set something up for my girlfriends. So I rounded up some of the moms with the smaller kids and we met up at Lisa's place one sunny afternoon in August. Everyone brought something for the table. And what a table it turned out to be... finger sandwiches, scones, two lovely cakes, cup cakes and a couple of pots of tea. The kids had a good time and the four tired mothers had a nice relaxing time on Lisa's patio. We will do it again and again!
Update: In all my excitement I forgot to write what's in the sandwiches.
Small tray top: cream cheese with wasabi topped with parma ham, physalis and cherry tomato on dark bread. Small tray bottom: parmesan and cream cheese topped with parma ham and strawberry on dark bread. Large tray top: Ham and blue cheese with a cherry tomato. Large tray 2:nd row: cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill, garnished with lemon and physalis. Large tray 3:rd row: butter,egg and cress.
Large tray bottom: cream cheese, cucumber and mint.

There you have it, if you get a chance book an afternoon tea some place nice, it might change your life... ;)

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  1. Those finger sandwiches were something else I tell you...