Friday, October 8, 2010

The soup that rocked my taste buds!

I'm the kind of person who usually don't cook the same thing twice. Not because I don't want to, but mainly because I don't use recipes. I just can't remember what and how much I used of that particular ingridient. Usually if I'm trying out something new I check out a few different recipes and make my own version. That's why you won't find any detailed recipes here, but I will share as many and as tasty dishes as I possibly can.

For some odd reason I found my self in posession of a butternut squash. Here in Sweden we're not that used to the squash and the pumpkin, we are more of a root veggie kind of people. I had my squash sitting in my veggie bowl on the kitchen counter (watching me) for about a week befor I descided it was time... Went online and found a few interesting soups. This is the ingridients and flavours that went in to my pot and my mouth:

Butternut squash
Chicken broth (or veggie broth to make it vegetarian)
Cream (indulge in a 40% cream)
Curry (I prefer Santa Marias Mango curry)
S&P (salt and pepper)
Possibly some syrup,but that depends on the sweetness of the squash

Saute the chopped onion and garlic in butter with the curry (about a teaspoon)
Add the diced squash and fill up with chicken stock (amount depends on how thick you want the soup)
Let it simmer under lid until the squash is nice and soft. Either put it in the blender or just squash it with a fork or a stomp. I like mine with a few bits and pieces. I do have teeth! Add some cream and bring it to boil, then add at least a teaspoonof cinnamon. Salt, pepper and syrup to taste.

Serve steaming hot with toast or sprinkle it with crumpled blue cheese or crispy bacon.

Try it out now when the days are getting shorter and the need for savory food gets bigger.


  1. Mmmmmmm fingerlicking good ;-). It looks real nice and yummy.

  2. Thanks Debbie, and you're the first to comment on my blog, well done you!!! Try the soup, it's easy and amazingly tasty, today I would recomend it with butter fried chantrelles.... And Connor is crazy about it so maybe your little (big) guy will like it too! xxx