Sunday, October 17, 2010

The food my kid likes the best

My son Connor is two and a half and has, on a good day, inherited my love of food and spices. On a bad day there is nothing that will pass the harsh judgement of the tiny food critic.
He loves to help out in the kitchen, he has his own apron and a chef's hat, so standing on a chair at the counter he stirs and mixes, chops and peels. A good little helper to keep an eye on so not too much of the ingredients dissappear along with his appetite.

The little guy loves pasta and I try to vary it as much as possible for him.
  • Tomato sauce with herbs
  • Créme fraiche with garlic and parmesan cheese
  • Cheese sauce with ham and tarragon
  • Chicken, corn and sweet pepper
Of course pancakes are on the wish list, but no jam or syrup, he loves cinnamon fried apple chunks. And they are sugar free too!

Pytt-i-panna, a Swedish hash with diced potato, onion, meat and sausage, served with pickled red beets.

Oven baked chicken nuggets with any of my home made dip sauces except for the wasabi one...

Meatballs (he is Swedish after all...) with boiled potatoes and spinach.

His all time favorite though is the szechuan noodles from the take away place on the corner... It does break my heart a bit, but then again they are fabulous noodles!

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