Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jam session

I don’t eat jam… No, it’s true, I don’t! But I love, love, LOVE making it! It all started at the farmers market in Stratford, Ontario in the spring of 2008. Well actually it started a few days before at my Aunt’s kitchen table with a jar of Judy’s bluebarb jam. Needless to say we went to see Judy at the market the following Saturday. She’s such a lovely woman and my son fell instantly in love. To be honest so did I…
We purchased a few jars of chutney, mango and rhubarb. They were nothing short of amazing, and before we went back to Sweden I was in possession of a few marvelous recipes.
Back home and following my usual obsessive behavior I started to cook! I produced jar after jar after jar of different jams, chutneys, pickles and relishes. Some classical and some with a twist…
In most jams I have apples (Granny Smith style) to balance the sweetness.
Jam jars:
·         Pineapple and chili (Spanish pepper)
·         Strawberry, chocolate, cardamom
·         Red currants with cinnamon
·         Strawberry and Rhubarb
·         Blackberry, apple, vodka
·         Gooseberry
·         Mango, honey dew melon and kiwi
·         Apple and cranberry
·         Lingonberry
·         Red beet and coconut
·         Apple with all spice and cloves
·         Finely cut carrots with orange and jalapeno
·         Fennel with pink pepper, chili and orange
·         Red beets with all spice, cloves and orange
·         Garlic
I haven’t eaten a single jar myself, but I have made the people around me very happy with home cooked goodies. Even Judy did get a jar of pineapple/chili jam last time we went to see her. Next year I’ll bring something new and exciting yet again.

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