Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My top 5 herb

  1. Dill - there's nothing like buttered boiled new potatoes sprinkled with dill.
  2. Mint - just because I'm in love with Lebanese food at the moment.Oh and mojitos... ;)
  3. Rosemary - all you pork lovers out there know why
  4. Basil - I'll never tire of pesto and caprese
  5. Thyme - it's a red beet thing...

Sorry all of you who hoped for Mary Jane to make the list... I don't do special brownies... ;)


  1. Rosemary might be my all time #1. I love it so. *_* Though I mostly use it on chicken <3

    Also! I am happy to see that coriander is not in your top 5. XD

  2. Hey! There you are! :) Welcome! In all honestly I have to admit that I use rosemary on loads of stuff. I have a rosmaryoil that I use for roasting potatoes, and I love to oven bake onions wraped in bacon with rosemary too, I even secure the bacon with a little twig of it. I'm surprised though that we can't get ground up rosemary in Sweden so I always buy some when I'm abroad, or have people buy it for me when they come visit....