Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A lingonberry bonanza!

Last weekend I had the great fortune of having 10 liters of lingonberries appear on my door step. A wonderful gift from wonderful friends!

Since I'm everything but traditional in the kitchen I felt I needed to try out some new stuff.

First off, a tangy lingonberry chutney with star anise and cloves, sugar, salt and a bit of white vinegar.

Then I started the project of making lingonberry syrup... Never made flavored syrup before so working with all my fingers and toes crossed. First I cooked the berries with water, filtered it and proceeded in cooking the juice with a huge amount of sugar for the longest time... filtered it again and poured it on bottles... I can't even imagine how wonderful this syrup will be on a sundae or a brownie!

Last but not least I poured some berries in a bottle and filled it up with gin. I have no idea what it will taste like when it matures, but the bottle was oh so pretty! Have a look!

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  1. my mouth is watering across the ocean...:)